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Dear Ma'am
Thank you for the information regarding your wonderfull restaurant and excellent fast prompt service from your friendly staff,for your information i am a Tourist Guide who visit your establishment on a regular basis when i do my Private and Personalized Tours.
I do appreciate the information you have mailed me however i am quite familiar with the Menu and 5star service from Mangement and staff.
I hope to meet with you in the near future.
Kindest Regards.
Abdul Adams
Operations Director.
Amandla Amawele Travel and Tours.

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Dear Cathy Alberts,

I have just had one of the best holidays of my life (all 55 years of it).  I had some airmiles I had to use up before they expired so have just spent 4 days in South Africa.   As I like penguins I decided to stay at Boulders Beach Lodge.

I asked whom I should write to about my wonderful stay and was given your name.    

The welcome I received at Boulders Beach Lodge was terrific.  Even before I arrived they were incredibly helpful. I was able to do all my booking by email and fax.   When I emailed asking for advice on shuttle companies they booked a local tour operator known to them to meet me at the airport, saving me a lot of fuss and bother.

I arrived at the Lodge on Valentine’s day and was greeted with a heart shaped bead key-ring and two chocolates and two heart shaped cookies on my pillow – and was given a rose when I went to eat in the restaurant.  Single and unattached I have not enjoyed Valentine’s day so much in a long while.

The room was cool, quiet and simply furnished.  No TV or radio ensured peace and quiet – no noise from other guests and no distractions from my own need to rest and relax.  There was however an ample supply of tea and coffee and a kettle.  The floors were cool tile – lovely for hot feet and sand resistant given the beach was so close.  There was a large, luxurious oval bath as well as a shower.

The service continued to be top class – even though I was only there a few days the staff knew me and I really felt cared about and looked after.   It was better than even the seriously expensive boutique hotel I once stayed in in San Francisco.

The restaurant is excellent – as attested by the number of local residents who came down to it for breakfast (and probably lunch and dinner too, but I did not get to talk to people then).  There is good food available all day.   In my 4 day, 3 night stay I never felt any need to go elsewhere to eat – the flavour and presentation of the food was first class.  The chef even makes seriously good risotto, which is not easy.  

The location is of course perfect for those who love penguins and beaches, and the restaurant terrace has a lovely view over the ocean – with penguins.

It is hard for me to judge South African prices, but coming from the UK the prices seemed extremely reasonable.  

Although it is so far away from here, I am already busy recommending to my friends that they should visit Boulders Beach and stay at the Lodge. The stay has worked wonders for my wellbeing.   

Yours sincerely

Judith F

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Dear friends at Boulders Beach Lodge!

Well, I am once again in South Florida after a really nice 2 1/2 week visit to South Africa.  I especially enjoyed my two nights at your lodge (and the two dinners in your restaurant!).  I knew one night sleeping with the penguins would not be enough, and I was right in booking two nights.

Please rest assured, that if I ever have the chance to advise someone contemplating a visit to South Africa, whether in person or in a travel forum, I will tell them they absolutely must spend two (not one!) night with the penguins.

Best wishes!

Robert J

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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