Simonstown South Africa Curio shop

Curious Penguin Shop


Simon's Town is home to the African Penguins and what better place to puchase your penguin paraphernalia than the Curious Penguin Shop at Boulders Beach?

Capturing the essence of these inquisitive birds, with their quirky character the Curious Penguin Shop specialises in all products penguin related.
From clothes to curios; pottery to pictures; plush penguins and postcards; hand painted fabric goods and mementos; this shop has the widest range of penguin memorabilia.

The Curious Penguin Shop  proudly supports South African products. Local crafters with in depth knowledge of their feathered friends have created handmade products in a cottage industry environment using their skills and talents  to illustrate the spirit of these unique birds.

Whether your choice is arty of earthy; classy or beachy - relaxation comes easily to those who  visit this amazing shop at Boulders Beach.



We have all types for penguins from, big fluffys,little fluffys, baby fluffys, african clay penguins, glass penguins, penguin towels and penguin back packs.

Underneath the restaurant, down a little wooden ladder we had a small face bricked cellar which we have now converted into our African room. It has everything from animal skins to wooden African statues, painted ostrich eggs and clay bowls.


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If you can't find the right penguin gift, We'll get the penguins to find it for you......