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Boulders map Deck view Room 11 Room 3 Courtyard out Room1 Room 2 Room 10 Room 12 Room 5 Room 14 Kitchen Lodge top view Room 1 view Room 9 Restaurant across Room 7 Room 8 Room 15 Restaurant view Restaurant out Self catering view Deck side Reataurant lounge reception Restaurant view in Restaurant view across Waiting area Self catering view across Courtyard view in Function house Shop view Entrance view Lodge font view

View to the north from the restaurant deck.

Room 11 (ground floor) is one of the most private rooms at the lodge and features it's own courtyard.

Room 3 (ground floor) is one of the largest rooms.

View of the courtyard. Most of the rooms are accessed via this courtyard.

Room 1 is one of two rooms at the back of the lodge, accessed off the side road. There are often penguins nesting in the garden outside.

Room 2 is one of the rooms at the back of the lodge.

Room 10 (downstairs room) is one of the courtyard rooms. It has a nice garden outside, under the stairs.

Room 12 (upstairs room) has a sea view over the roof of the lodge.

Room 5 (downstairs room is one of the rooms accessed off the courtyard. It is part of the original building.

Room 14 (upstairs) has a sea view from the deck outside.

Our friendly kitchen staff in our restaurant kitchen, prepare our Pacific Rim Cuisine menu from fresh local ingredients.

View from the deck that accesses the top floor rooms.

View of rooms 1 & 2 from the garden at the side of the lodge. Penguins frequently nest in the garden.

Room 9 (downstairs room) is accessed off the courtyard

View across the restaurant towards the fire place. Art sculpture is by Jacques Dhont.

Room 7 (downstairs) is part of the original building and is accessed off the courtyard.

Room 8 (downstairs room) is accessed off the courtyard.

Room 15 (upstairs room) is our favourite room. It has a nice sea view and lots of sun.

Looking across the restaurant from the passage entrance. You can either sit here or outside on the deck.

View of the restaurant looking out towards the deck. This part of the restaurant is nice and sunny in the mornings.

View towards the sea from in front of the self - catering units.

View from the small deck at the side of the lodge, a favourite breakfast spot.

Our lounge at the entrance to the Lodge. We now have a big table here, due to the popularity of our restaurant. A perfect place for your private dinner party.

Our friendly staff will always welcome you with a smile.

View into the restaurant as you enter from the deck. The restaurant is fully licensed and has a service bar at the back.

View across the restaurant deck. The deck is sheltered and can be closed off from wind or cold.

View from the restaurant waiting area. When the restaurant is full, you can enjoy a drink here while you wait for a table.

View of the lodge from the patio in front of the self- catering units. The sea is to the right.

Night time view towards the courtyard, showing the steps up to the top rooms.

Our function house can accommodate medium to large functions, with the addition of a free - form tent across the front. We have hosted a lot of weddings, fund - raisers etc. and can do all the catering in - house.

The front of the curio shop under the restaurant deck. This shop is suprisingly big and has been expanded over the yers to occupy the basement space below the Lodge.

Night time view of the entrance to the Lodge and Restaurant.

Front view of Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant.