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Picture of the far end of Boulders Beach among the rocks.

Penguins nesting at Foxy Beach. Foxy Beach is for penguins only. You can get there via a raised boardwalk, which overlooks the penguin nests. It is a short walk from Boulders Beach along a bridle path.

Penguins on the rocks at the far end of Boulders Beach.

Penguins on the Boardwalk going down to Boulders Beach.

Picture taken from the bridle path towards Foxy Beach

Picture taken from the far end of Boulders Beach looking out to sea. This beach is for humans as well as penguins to enjoy together.

Boulders Beach swimming area. The beach can get very busy in summer, especially at high tide.

Boulders Beach taken from offshore. Yachts can anchor in the bay, but are not permitted to land a dinghy at the beach.

After entering Boulders Beach National Coastal Park, the path leads down to Boulders Beach. You can also follow the bridle path to see the breeding colony at Foxy Beach.

Looking down the road between Boulders Beach Function house and the Lodge. Well, actually it is a Rockhopper Penguin that was visiting for the Penguin Festival.

The Boulders Beach entrance to Boulders National Coastal Park. You can also enter at Seaforth Beach, but it is not nearly as nice there.

Boulders Beach Function House is available for hire. We have hosted many weddings. It is possible to arrange for your wedding ceremony on Windmill Beach nearby.

Boulders Beach Restaurant, where you can enjoy fine Pacific Rim Cuisine. Boulders has made a name for itself with it's Asian flavours combined with fresh local ingredients.

View from our courtyard. Most of the rooms are arranged around this courtyard. The upstairs rooms have a view of the sea from the balcony.

Our friendly staff welcome you at the entrance to the Lodge and Restaurant.

Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant, seen from the car park. Please arrive carefully when arriving at Boulders, as not all the penguins are confined within the park and we have had lots of them killed or injured.

Picture of the golf course. You can play a game of golf at this 9 hole golf course, which is almost next door.

Penguins on the rocks in front of Boulders Beach Lodge

Picture from the old pump house below the car park

Windmill Beach is less well known. There are not many penguins at Windmill Beach YET, but plenty on the walk along the rocks from Boulders Beach Lodge.

Sunrise from the rocks in front of Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant

Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant taken from the whale watching boat. You can just see some penguins on the rocks. Boulders beach is to the right, just out of the picture.

The walk to Windmill Beach has a lot of penguins now. Previously they were only at Boulders Beach and Foxy Beach.